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Correcting David Barton’s Version of History

David Barton

I found this post by John Fea over at The Way of Improvement Leads Home to be useful. Since it is so short, I will take the liberty to quote it in its entirety here. The interesting things are in the links Fea provides.

Warren Throckmorton, a psychology professor at Grove City College in western Pennsylvania, continues to expose the historical errors put forth by political pundit David Barton.

In his last couple of posts Throckmorton has called our attention to an address Barton delivered earlier this month at Liberty University.

In this post, Throckmorton challenges Barton’s claim that early American Unitarians were evangelicals.

In this post, he challenges Barton’s claim that Thomas Jefferson and other early American presidents signed their documents with the closing “In the year of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Interesting stuff.  I wonder if the students at Liberty University are reading Throckmorton.  They should be.

If we are going to make political arguments from history, we must at least get history correct. I’ve been disappointed with Barton’s treatment of history before, and offer this not as a personal attack, but as a corrective measure for those who might be inclined to take Barton’s claims at face value as truth.

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