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Pop Medicine versus Real Science

Trevor Butterworth hits another topic on target, this time on He tackles the recent hub-bub over Dr. Oz’s dire warnings about apple juice and arsenic. Here is the intro: If the reaction in the news media to Dr. Oz’s absurd claims about the dangers of arsenic in apple juice has been enormously heartening (essentially […]

The Joy of a Messy Life

Great post about the messy-ness of the Christian life from my friend Cindy King last week over at The King Zoo and Funny Farm. She was contemplating life as an adoptive mother (in addition to five biological children) in light of the call of Christ to live a life of sacrifice. Here is a recent […]

Writing Without Reading

Thanks to friend, librarian, and fellow Messiah College 1996 alum, Aaron Bert for pointing out this interesting article by Buzz Poole about the art of writing. Interestingly, the article discusses the (odd) notion of writers/authors who don’t want to read. Here is the introduction: At the New Yorker Book Bench Macy Halford recently posed an […]