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Switchfoot: Vice Verses (Preview)

A cool music preview from an unexpected source. Over at they are providing a free stream of Vice Verses from Switchfoot. The album drops 27 Sept., but you can listen to it now here! Here is the blurb from ESPN: Switchfoot’s new album, “Vice Verses” (iTunes | Amazon), doesn’t come out until Sept. 27, […]

Sasha Dichter: the Generosity Experiment

A stunningly challenging video from the TED blog on vimeo. What would it look like if we were intentional about being as generous as we claim we want to be? Sasha Dichter shares his experience with this in the video below. I think it is an amazing challenge for all of us who claim to […]

The Morality of NCAA Conference Realignment

An interesting read about the conference realignment currently going on in Division I of the NCAA. This weekend, it was announced that the ACC (home of my graduate alma mater: Virginia Tech) had accepted the application of the University of Pittsburgh and Syracuse University for inclusion in the conference. Pitt and Syracuse are leaving the […]

On Women and Education

A classmate from my undergrad days, and elementary teacher in the Portland, OR area posted links to articles at the Huffington Post and about two separate shirts that send a horrible message to girls. I’ve included one at the right, and another below. The fact that JCPenney and Forever21 could somehow produce these and […]

Yoda’s Pie Chart

Not sure about the relative size of the groups (50/50, really?), but I did find this graph from GraphJam (via FlowingData) quite humorous, especially after yesterday’s post about Star Wars. Enjoy!