This Is for You, John Fea

Came across this TED talk about “Manspaces” based on the speaker’s experience building his writing shed, and just had to share. Even if only John Fea enjoys it, I couldn’t resist. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this on his blog, or at least on the Sunday Night Odds and Ends. 🙂

2 comments on “This Is for You, John Fea

  1. THAT…WAS…AWESOME! I will posting on it soon over at The Way of Improvement Leads Home! Thanks!

    • Haha, I was clicking through various TED talks and came across that one and couldn’t help but think of you. Glad you enjoyed it. Too bad our shed out back is packed with camping stuff, sports stuff, bikes, scooters, and too-small car seats. Plus, no heat or AC. Guess there will be no blogging shed for me. 😉

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