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A Response to Pat Robertson

Recently Pat Robertson told his 700 Club viewers that he would not fault someone who divorced their spouse who had dementia. Most Christians shake their head at just another Pat Robertson statement. Many Christians probably worry about the perception of skeptics who might use Robertson as a reason to discredit the faith. I debated whether […]

E-Textbooks: the Future?

Thanks to colleague Gene Rohrbaugh, Computer and Information Sciences professor here at Messiah College, for pointing me toward this interesting post from The Chronicle about an e-text program at Indiana University. I have some thoughts and concerns. Here are the basics of the program: A game-changing e-textbook project at Indiana University—in which the university requires […]

What Evangelicals Have

An interesting piece from Patheos on what Evangelicals have the Progressives and “Mainline” denominations could learn from. The piece is by author The Reverend Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt, Jr, Episcopal priest and professor at Southern Methodist University. He asks what progressive and mainline Christians can learn from Evangelicals. He suggests, strongly, that they should not […]

This Is for You, John Fea

Came across this TED talk about “Manspaces” based on the speaker’s experience building his writing shed, and just had to share. Even if only John Fea enjoys it, I couldn’t resist. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this on his blog, or at least on the Sunday Night Odds and Ends. 🙂

The Future of Our Genetic Information

What will the future of genetics look like? This TED talk seems to offer a look that is potentially life-saving, but also potentially scary.