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Additional Thoughts on 9/11

Some final links to 9/11 reflections that I want to point out to you, but don’t have much to say about: The New York Times offers this piece about the Shanksville, PA Flight 93 Memorial and 9/11 remembrances. A reflection on forgiveness and 9/11, with a connection to a recent death row case in Texas […]

Dwyer on Falling in Love with Death

Over at The New York Times Jim Dwyer contemplates the decade since 9/11. He talks about the surprise among troops in 2003 when hearing about NY protests of the war. No one, of course, would be surprised at that today. He then looks back over the years: Climb the ladder of years, and the view […]

No Clergy at the Memorial

Interesting piece at Spiritual Politics about the decision from Mayor Bloomberg to exclude clergy of any sect from the memorial ceremony. (HT: John Fea) Here is a taste of the historical reasoning that may have been the precedent for Bloomberg’s decision. Let’s hark back, in other words, to the way New Englanders used to remember […]

Evangelical Leaders and 9/11

Christianity Today asked evangelical leaders to reflect on how they have changed in the ten years since 9/11. I want to highlight the last leader in the piece, Rev. Will Willimon, who is the  bishop of the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church. A friend pointed me in this direction, so it is […]

Schirch on Grieving on the 9/11 Anniversary

I don’t agree with everything over at The Huffington Post, but I found this article by Lisa Schirch, a professor at Eastern Mennonite University, interesting. She is an expert in public policy and security, and points out six things that she was grieving on the 9/11 anniversary this year. Here is her intro, and her […]

Candorville, the Day After 9/11

I’m planning to post a variety of interesting or thought provoking articles I’ve come across since my posts on Sunday, the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Since I ended those posts with Sunday’s Candorville comic, I thought I would start today’s series with the Candorville comic from Monday. I really hope that we can […]