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Angry Birds Addiction

Amazingly detailed infographic from AYTM Market Research about the hugely popular game Angry Birds. They have a lot of psychological breakdown of why the game is so addictive attached to the graphic on their site here. Check it out!

On Democracy and Economics

Interesting TED Talk about the connection between democracy and economics. Often we read the wrong things into the Chinese dominance of the Asian economy, especially compared with India’s slower pace. We think that the issue is communism vs. democracy. In this talk, Yasheng Huang offers more background that points out why communism is not better, […]

Train Up a Child

Interesting post from my friend Cindy King (who might shun me for mentioning her by name, but I’m taking the chance) about teaching our children. She starts by mentioning something that is on her heart: The church is not supposed to be the primary source in this area; it can’t be. My children spend one […]

Whither the TSA

What should be done with the TSA? The author of the legislation that created the TSA thinks they have gone far off track and should be pulled back, overhauled, and privatized. I commented on the TSA previously here and here.  This piece from Audrey Hudson at Human Events details his comments from a recent interview […]

Amazon Following the Netflix Model?

Interesting post from LifeHacker: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon is set to launch a Netflix-like subscription service for books. The service would reportedly work exactly like Netflix, where you pay a monthly subscription fee to receive a set number of books each month. Since this is a rumor, it’s still not entirely […]