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Messiah College Students Shine

This article on about the flooding and recovery in Derry Township (Hershey area) has an interesting note for those of us who care about Messiah College: Stapleton said he doesn’t have flood insurance. No one in the neighborhood thought they needed it. His homeowners insurance representative said it would be two to three weeks […]

More on Glenn Beck

It is only fair: after asking Glenn Beck to consider being quiet (see this post), I would be remiss to not commend him for his recent pledge of nonviolence, and his call for his listeners and viewers to consider joining him in the pledge. (He also presented a Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities, which references similar […]

Education and Faith: Enemies?

A recent article in Inside Higher Ed says that they are not really the enemies that some assume: For years, a commonly held belief has been that more educated Americans are less likely to embrace religion. But an article forthcoming (abstract available here) in The Review of Religious Research suggests that the relationship between education […]

Beware Space Junk

Interesting article from the BBC about space junk floating around in the atmosphere (published 1 Sept 2011). Lots of defunct satellites and fragments from space missions are floating around in orbit, posing a threat to satellites that are in use, and even manned space missions like the international space station. Here is a taste: A […]