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9/11: Comic of the Day

Not really funny, but I thought this comic appropriate for the day. Makes you think.

Did 9/11 Change Everything?

Over at Religion Dispatches, Paul Harvey says that it did not. Why? I’ll let him explain: The cliché that 9/11 “changed everything” is nowhere less true than in the post-9/11 impulse to declare war immediately. War was a choice as well as an echo: a choice Americans made, and an echo of how Americans have made […]

Messiah College Remembers 9/11

Thought I would share this video of Messiah College students remembering where they were on 9/11. Interesting to hear these reflections from some who were so young on 9/11.  

Fea on 9/11 and Patriotism

Another good post from friend and colleague John Fea, this time from his weekly Patheos column. Fea reflects on 9/11 and its interpretations. Generally, it has been interpreted through the lens of patriotism, while Fea offers that the general human spirit offers as good an explanation for the initial motivation. Here is his conclusions about […]

Connecting 9/11 and Labor Day

Thanks to my friend John Fea, historian at Messiah College, for a thoughtful post that attempts to do what few have done: connect 9/11 to the Labor Day weekend just past. Fea articulates that the heroism that we saw was less related to patriotism than it was to the sense of calling and vocation among […]

Repost: 11 Sept. Reflections

Last year I posted some of my remembrances and thoughts on the anniversary of 9/11. Thought I would repost those here. I start with some general thoughts, then add on some thoughts related to how my faith colors my reflections on the tragedy. —————- I was just starting my first semester on campus as faculty. […]

On “Meaningful Adjacencies”

Thanks to my sister for pointing me to this article a couple of days ago.It is written by Paula Grant Berry, who lost her husband on 9/11 and is a member of the jury that helped guide the building of the memorial. Here is her information about how they decided where to place the names […]