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Oh, the Irony

A Facebook friend pointed me (not specifically, it was a general link posting) toward this wikiHow article on how to fight Facebook addiction. Hmmm. Ironic? Yes. But interesting as well. Here is the intro and their steps to recovery:

Maybe your affinity for Facebook began with a simple desire to keep in touch with your friends, or make new ones online. Or perhaps you were just bored. But now Facebook is the thorn in your side, and possibly a bona fide addiction. If you’re finding it difficult to spend an hour of your waking life without checking or thinking about Facebook, you may be looking for a way out. This is it.

And their steps to recovery:

  1. Admit you might have an addiction to Facebook.
  2. Define your goals on Facebook.
  3. Make and follow a Facebook schedule.
  4. Think of other things you could be doing with your time spent on Facebook.
  5. Block the time you spend on Facebook.
  6. Leave Facebook.
  7. Find alternatives to using Facebook.
  8. Turn your profile into a pile of useless data!
  9. Find a Facebook substitute.
  10. If then you are unable to leave Facebook, nothing else can be done.

Read the rest here to see how they suggest you work through your recovery. (Note: they suggest if you can appropriately handle step 3, steps 5, 6, and 8 are not needed.) Enjoy! Also, it is a wiki, so you can probably add your own suggestions along the way.

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