Thanks to my neighbor for pointing out this thought-provoking video about discipleship. As the comments note, the implication that the launching can only happen from the US/North America is clearly incorrect. I would guess the intended audience is American or North American, thus the implication to be willing to go from here to anywhere we are called. You could certainly have others launched to help us, but that isn’t the point of the video. Still, an interesting video. Would love to hear thoughts/reactions in the comments. I think this is the way McBIC is moving as we begin to discuss the idea of “Missional Communities”.


2 comments on “Discipleship

  1. Great video. Very well put together. And here’s a video response: http://youtu.be/dHdYxi6xMFU

    • Interesting video, with themes I’ve heard before. Question: How does this address living in community? For Christians, we are called to be parts of one body in Christ. This video encourages us to think about those outside the walls of our particular body, and share with others rather than hoarding for ourselves. Your video has some good themes, but seems very self-focused rather than looking at how we can connect/minister to others. Thanks for replying.

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