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Thanks to my neighbor for pointing out this thought-provoking video about discipleship. As the comments note, the implication that the launching can only happen from the US/North America is clearly incorrect. I would guess the intended audience is American or North American, thus the implication to be willing to go from here to anywhere we […]

Math Comic of the Day

Here is my favorite mathematics related comic for today. Okay, the comic is from yesterday, but I just noticed it today. Some of my calculus students could use this product …

Learning from Unintended Consequences

Interesting TED video about the unintended consequences of innovation, and innovations as unintended consequences of other events. The speaker is a little dry and monotone, but the ideas he presents are worth the listen for about 15 minutes, and his graphics are kind of neat (I think).

Thoughts from TMQ

Since I am absolutely devoted to reading (eventually) the entirety of Gregg Easterbrook’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback column on, I thought I’d share some of my favorite non-NFL bits each week. Below are my favorites, you can read the football parts and other miscellany here. (I prefer the image-free version here.) This week is also […]