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If Everything Worked Like the BCS

A little fun for the evening. What if everything worked just like the college BCS for deciding who wins? This video takes a look at a third grade spelling bee. Poor “Boise”, she thinks just because she spelled all the words she was asked correctly, she should win. Doesn’t she realize other students had harder […]

Teaching Part 3: Dangerous Social Networks

This post relates less directly to teaching, but I know that many of us are interested in what effect social networking may be having on our students. As kids spend more time developing friendships in the age of MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, what will they be like when we see them in class with all […]

Teaching Part 2: Dear Parents

This is the second in my series of posts about teaching. (See Part 1.) In this post, I want to point you to an interesting letter from Ron Clark, an award winning teacher, to parents. He offers suggestions for how parents can join the team of their child’s teacher in an effort to really challenge […]

Teaching Part 1: In Honor of Teachers

To start a series of posts today about teaching, I would like to point you to this Op-ed piece in the New York Times, written by Charles M. Blow. In the piece, titled “In Honor of Teachers“, Blow talks about the low regard for teachers, the hard position they are in, and relates a personal […]

A Helpful Comparison

Well, sort of. Thanks to Gene Rohrbaugh (my colleague at Messiah College, and blogger at Study Computing) for pointing out this amusing side-by-side comparison of three portable readers from Amnesia Blog.

Managing Search Engines

A couple of interesting posts today about search engines. (HT: Messiah College librarian Beth Transue) The first from the back end/business side, trying to optimize their placement in search results. The second discusses how Google’s search engine essentially filters the results we see, and so reinforces our current beliefs, rather than exposing us to a […]