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The (Shorter?) Ride Home

Interesting, in light of my recent post about homesickness, that I just read this article by Joe Palca today (published yesterday on NPR) about the frequent perception that the ride home from a trip is shorter than the trip to the destination, even if they take the same amount of time. In 1969, astronaut Alan […]

Francis Chan on Knowledge and Humility

Really enjoyed this thought provoking talk that several Facebook friends pointed me to. I’ve begun to appreciate Francis Chan more and more as I’ve come across his writing and speaking. (I commented on his break from the ministry here, and included a video of a part of one of his sermons.) I listened to his […]

Update: A Response on Math Ed

After this recent post on the state of mathematics education, I was pointed to this response by Al Cuoco (HT: former guest blogger Corey Andreasen). Here is the introduction: A recent editorial in the New York Times: puts forth a plan to “fix math education.” I’m disappointed. The arguments presented are variations on themes […]