A Godly Example

Good post today from Josh Wood over at PostCalvinist.com (not to be confused with anti-Calvinist, I assure you). He looks at a line from a song from PRo’s newest album. The line is actually during Lacrdeceptively simple:

if I get martyred, tell my kids to follow their dad

This leads to Wood’s consideration of what would lead a father to say this to his kids:

[God’s] value is enough that he could demand the life of every person and the scales would still not balance. And God expects us to worship and honor his magnificent worth. But losing our life is only one side of the coin. The paradoxical-but-same-time-true reality – the Good News – is that real life is only found in God through Christ by dying to self. Our call isn’t to die for death’s sake. It’s to die for the sake of life.

Well put. As a father, which Wood is not, I would only add that it is certainly true for me that as I walk with Him no matter the cost, I constantly pray and instruct my children that this is the life I want for them: a life sold out to sacrifice my own desires and needs for those of the Master whom I serve. I have no desire for the kids to be “successful” in anyone’s eyes but God’s. I will be disappointed if life for them becomes about accomplishments or accumulating the treasures of this world. I pray they come to sacrifice themselves daily, take up their cross, and follow the only One worthy of being the center of our lives.

Check out the song below (no video, just audio). The whole album, or individual songs, can be purchased here.

2 comments on “A Godly Example

  1. As requested 🙂

    In the Chronicles of Narnia a small horse named Bree, facing Aslan for the first time says ” “Please Sir, please eat me. You’re so beautiful – I’d rather be eaten by You than fed by anyone else.” (CS Lewis)

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