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A Godly Example

Good post today from Josh Wood over at (not to be confused with anti-Calvinist, I assure you). He looks at a line from a song from PRo’s newest album. The line is actually during Lacrdeceptively simple: if I get martyred, tell my kids to follow their dad This leads to Wood’s consideration of what […]

Feeling Homesick?

Interesting article from George Mason’s History News Network on the feeling of homesickness, and its long predicted demise. (HT: John Fea) For over one hundred years pundits have predicted that advancing means of technology, especially in communication, would help to end homesickness. Lately, it has been thought that the pervasiveness (or perniciousness, if you prefer) […]

The Difference in the First Week

Thanks to John Fea’s Sunday Night Odds and Ends post for this reminder that the first week of classes is never quite the same as the rest of the semester, and therefore can be a poor predictor of the rest of the semester: If you’ve taught before, or even just been a student before (which […]