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Powerful Truth in the Comics Section

Came across this comic yesterday, and thought it was a good reminder. I’ll let it speak for itself.

Who Needs Science?

Apparently, this describes well the view of some lobbyists and lawmakers in our culture. Who needs to check science, or trust experts when we have already made up our minds from a few badly run studies that have since been refuted by many bigger, better run studies.? They’ve made up their minds, and want to […]

So Connected We Can’t Connect

Interesting article by Frank Bruni in yesterday’s New York Times about an interesting side effect of our being so incredibly connected these days: we can’t get in touch with people, despite (or because of) various options. Here is a taste: The other night I did something silly. In a hurry to reach my friend K., […]

A Fuller Picture of MLK Jr.

Thanks again to John Fea for a thought provoking post. He points us to a piece from Michael Kazin, who calls on conservatives to stop co-opting some of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s teachings and activism, while ignoring other parts. Here is the beginning of his writing (which borders on rant at some […]