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True Leadership

Fresno County (CA) Superintendent of Schools Larry Powell

Can you imagine intentionally retiring so that you could sign a new contract for less money? What about if you are the leader of your company, and you agree to take less than a first year employee? The Fresno County (CA) Superintendent of Schools just did this. I found this story an impressive display of real leadership, and acting on stated beliefs. Here is a taste of the article from the Fresno Bee:

Some people give back to their community. Then there’s Fres

no County School Superintendent Larry Powell, who’s really giving back. As in $800,000 – what would have been his compensation for the next three years.

Until his term expires in 2015, Powell will run 325 schools and 35 school districts with 195,000 students, all for less than a starting California teacher earns.

“How much do we need to keep accumulating?” asks Powell, 63. “There’s no reason for me to keep stockpiling money.”

Powell’s generosity is more than just a gesture in a region with some of the nation’s highest rates of unemployment. As he prepares for retirement, he wants to ensure that his pet projects survive California budget cuts. And the man who started his career as a high school civics teacher, who has made anti-bullying his mission, hopes his act of generosity will help restore faith in the government he once taught students to respect.

The whole article is definitely worth the read. I don’t know whether Powell is a Christian, but this is certainly something that is in line with true Christianity. Giving up your own pride in order to give to others seems perfectly in line with the life and teaching of the Messiah. Wish there were more people like this!

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