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True Leadership

Can you imagine intentionally retiring so that you could sign a new contract for less money? What about if you are the leader of your company, and you agree to take less than a first year employee? The Fresno County (CA) Superintendent of Schools just did this. I found this story an impressive display of […]

Update: John Fea on Jeremiads

Dr. John Fea, Chair of the Department of History at Messiah College, in his weekly Patheos column, expands on his recent post on Pat Roberston and the long history of Jeremiads in the United States. I previously linked to his blog post in this post on Robertson and those of his ilk, and followed up […]

Happy Adoption Day Kids!

Today, we celebrate the second anniversary of the adoption of our two youngest (for now) kids. It has been amazing to watch them grow, through all of the frustrations, joys, trials, etc. We love them beyond measure, and couldn’t possibly image life without them. We consider ourselves to  be so very blessed, and thank God […]

Fixing Mathematics Education

An interesting article about Mathematics Education from the New York Times came out last week. The suggestion is that we should reevaluate our focus and concern. Here is a snippet: Today, American high schools offer a sequence of algebra, geometry, more algebra, pre-calculus and calculus (or a “reform” version in which these topics are interwoven). […]