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The Research Monopoly

There is an interesting feature of life in academia. Research is often funded with public funds via grants from the NIH, NSF, and other sources. The results often make headlines in the popular press. The press cites a scholarly journal in which the full results are published, and offers a take (often neglecting numerous provisos […]

Criminal Libraries?

Even though I love reading a variety of material, I don’t usually keep track of the latest developments in the library world. Thanks to Beth Transue (librarian at Messiah College) for pointing out this article about a recent ruling that might have life-changing impact on libraries and students! Here is a quick synopsis from the […]

A New Invasion of Privacy?

Thanks to Messiah College Information and Mathematical Sciences Department colleague Gene Rorhbaugh for pointing me to this somewhat scary post at Apparently some Facebook users don’t watch their profile security very carefully (shocking, I know). A researcher at Carnegie Melon in Pittsburgh gives a glimpse of what could be to come. According to a […]

Update: Some People Should Be Quiet

Sorry to offend any of my readers who are Glenn Beck fans, but I think I need to add him to my list from a few days ago (with Pat Robertson, based on his comments on Hurricane/Tropical storm Irene. I realize that he is a convert to Mormonism, and thus not an evangelical, let […]