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A Needed Voice Silenced

In the wake of this post yesterday about those that need to learn to be quiet (Pat Roberston, et.al.), I felt the need to balance the score by pointing out this wonderful piece by Nicholas Kristof about the humble John Stott. (Who I mentioned in the post on Robertson.) Stott died recently after 90 years of life. Stott, never one to self-promote like some, nevertheless had a large impact on many within Evangelicalism. While I want nothing to do with those like Robertson (something I think is partially a failure of grace on my part), I wish I could be more like men like Rev. Stott. Here is a taste of Kristof’s piece:

Stott didn’t preach fire and brimstone on a Christian television network. He was a humble scholar whose 50-odd books counseled Christians to emulate the life of Jesus — especially his concern for the poor and oppressed — and confront social ills like racial oppression and environmental pollution.

“Good Samaritans will always be needed to succor those who are assaulted and robbed; yet it would be even better to rid the Jerusalem-Jericho road of brigands,” Stott wrote in his book “The Cross of Christ.” “Just so Christian philanthropy in terms of relief and aid is necessary, but long-term development is better, and we cannot evade our political responsibility to share in changing the structures that inhibit development. Christians cannot regard with equanimity the injustices that spoil God’s world and demean his creatures.”

Read the whole thing here.

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