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Are there Learning Styles?

Thanks to former Messiah College mathematics education major, and current Assistant Professor at Southern Nazarene University, Nick Zoller for the link to this interesting NPR take on the issue. In short, it seems the scientific literature does not support the distinctions that many educators and psychologists have come to accept as obvious. Here is a […]

Revitalizing Downtown?

Sad to see this article (thanks to Messiah College colleague, and fellow class of ’96 alum for the heads up) about the revitalization process in downtown Harrisburg. Apparently, what started as an appeal to the working crowd, couples, and families, has now become a late night draw for drinking and excess. Often those partying are […]

A Needed Voice Silenced

In the wake of this post yesterday about those that need to learn to be quiet (Pat Roberston,, I felt the need to balance the score by pointing out this wonderful piece by Nicholas Kristof about the humble John Stott. (Who I mentioned in the post on Robertson.) Stott died recently after 90 years of […]