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An Encouraging Update on Egypt?

Given my previous posts (here, here, and here), you should be aware that I am following Egypt’s revolution and the rebuilding process. From the most recent update to the Mother Jones site that I have mentioned before, I found this point especially encouraging.

The Egyptian army has gathered a diverse panel of jurists to revise the country’s constituion, reports The New York Times. Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the defense minister and temporary head of state, has appointed a panel of eight experts led by a former judge and leading Mubarak critic that includes a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the legal adviser to the a major opposition group, and a Coptic Christian. Opposition leaders are, by and large, optimistic about the panel’s prospects for success.

Note the inclusion of a Coptic Christian. Hopefully this is a sign that the conditions for my brothers and sisters in Egypt will be improving under the new constitution and coming democratic rule. We can pray and hope.

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