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Unimaginable Loss

Read this heart-wrenching story of loss and grace yesterday (HT: Rob Martin). I’ll offer only a short take hear, as I could never do justice to the whole thing. Please consider reading the entire original.

The story involves a young father-to-be and his journey: from he and his wife waiting and trying to get pregnant, to that wonderful “positive” test, and the excitement and expectancy that followed. Sadly, it all came to an unfortunate, and untimely end. A snowy crash literally crushed their dreams of family. The circumstances and the walk through grief that this man has endured in the last week is utterly unthinkable. Please join me in praying for him, and prepare yourself with a box of tissues handy as you read his story. May God wrap this man in His loving arms.


Note: I do not provide the link with any endorsement of the website or its views.

One comment on “Unimaginable Loss

  1. […] also blogged about the Church and mental illness, as well as this recent post about a husband and father suffering unimaginable loss. Can’t help but remember him in prayer […]

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