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A Quick Advertisement for a Friend

Dr. John Fea's Latest Offering

Those who read this blog much are well aware of my love for Dr. John Fea and his blog (The Way of Improvement Leads Home). His most recent post offers a 50% discount for those pre-ordering his book online through this site. (Regular price: $30, so you get it for $15 plus $3.50 shipping) I just ordered mine, and thought I’d share for those who have expressed interest in it based on my previous posts. John is an expert on early American history, and a thoughtful Christian. I’m proud to call him my colleague at Messiah, and a friend. If you have any interest in this topic, I’d suggest taking a look. I’ll probably offer more once my copy comes and I have a chance to read (and blog about) it. 🙂

One comment on “A Quick Advertisement for a Friend

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