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A Quick Advertisement for a Friend

Those who read this blog much are well aware of my love for Dr. John Fea and his blog (The Way of Improvement Leads Home). His most recent post offers a 50% discount for those pre-ordering his book online through this site. (Regular price: $30, so you get it for $15 plus $3.50 shipping) I […]

Why Is the National Anthem Sung at Sporting Events?

Interesting article at (HT: Melanie Howard) about the tradition of singing the national anthem before every sporting event from the Super Bowl to high schools. I’ve actually discussed this recently with several friends via email, and we’ve been wondering the same thing. Here’s a little taste: “O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly […]

Was the American Revolution a Just War?

Thanks again to my colleague Dr. John Fea  for a thought provoking article (his weekly post at Patheos) about the American Revolution. John reminds us that the terminology “Just War” was not one the founders, or even pastors of the era, thought about. John points out some differences between the arguments of the era, and […]