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Some Good Reads from the Huffington Post

I’ve been sitting on a few articles from the Huffington Post that I found interesting and thought provoking. I’ve decided to share them in one post. I won’t say too much about each, but will give an idea of what you will find, and give you the link.


Albert Raboteau reflects on Martin Luther King, Jr. and his advocacy for the poor. He looks back at the history of Christianity and how we deal with the poor. Then he connects King’s own vision of the role of the Church in dealing with the poor and racial equality.


Kevin Salwen talks about his family’s decision to sell their dream house and move into one half the size. He reflects on the concepts of abundance and love, and how they led his family to this decision. An exceptionally challenging article to those of us who place (perhaps too much) importance on our “stuff”. The title says a lot: How Giving Up Half of Our Possessions Made Our Family Whole. Certainly some things that Joy and I have been discussing about this and how we keep the stuff we own from owning us!


My colleague here at Messiah College, Richard Hughes, ponders the general reaction to the health care legislation (“Obama-care”) and what it says about us as Christians. I don’t agree with all of his views, but he asks good questions that those on both sides should address. I do think it is fair to ask whether the government should step in, but Hughes raises questions about what it says about some of us that we would resist or complain about our money being used to provide health care while most of us don’t complain about our money being used to kill people via the military. Read his article, and judge for yourself.


Hope these make you think as much as they made me think! Feel free to give me feedback on any/all of these and how you react!

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