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Wisconsin Follow Up: A Campaign Bait and Switch?

As a follow up to yesterday’s guest blog post (Thanks again, Corey!) I thought I’d share the conclusion of this interesting fact check from PolitiFact Wisconsin on Gov. Walker’s claim that he campaigned on his plan to pass the legislation that has been at the center of the protests. Here is the conclusion. Please feel […]

A View from Wisconsin: Guest Blogger!

Guest post today from my friend Corey Andreasen, a high school math/stats teacher in Wisconsin. I know Corey from grading AP Statistics exams the last few summers. As worldviews go, we’re pretty different, but I know Corey well enough to know that he is a good teacher who cares about his students, and about doing […]

An Evangelical Christian Computer?

I haven’t taken the opportunity to watch IBM’s “Watson” computer in its competition on Jeopardy! with two human opponents. Still, I am interested in the process. Here are a few links I read about Watson, and the process. (Here is The New York Times‘ take.) First, from Get (HT: John Fea) comes an article […]

American Entitlement

Just finished an intriguing article at Patheos about the American sense of entitlement. (HT: Rob and Heather Martin) Here is a taste: If you think I am wrong, think back to the fleeting mea culpa of Tiger Woods last year. When asked what caused him to so egregiously and frequently commit adultery over and over […]

An Encouraging Update on Egypt?

Given my previous posts (here, here, and here), you should be aware that I am following Egypt’s revolution and the rebuilding process. From the most recent update to the Mother Jones site that I have mentioned before, I found this point especially encouraging. The Egyptian army has gathered a diverse panel of jurists to revise […]

Rubbing It In?

As you are probably aware, today is Valentines Day. While I love my wife, and am very grateful for her, I find Valentines Day to be relatively unromantic. The expectation and pressure kills the spontaneity and uniqueness that I think is at the heart of true romance. Worse, how does it make my “single” brothers […]

Stanley Hauerwas on the Death of America’s God

No, Hauerwas is not saying that God is dying. He is saying that America’s god is dying, small g. Here is a snippet of the interesting, and somewhat optimistic, article about what the current state of the American civil religion might mean for the true Church and the worship of the one true God. Here’s […]

Unimaginable Loss

Read this heart-wrenching story of loss and grace yesterday (HT: Rob Martin). I’ll offer only a short take hear, as I could never do justice to the whole thing. Please consider reading the entire original. The story involves a young father-to-be and his journey: from he and his wife waiting and trying to get pregnant, […]

Cookie Graphs?

This picture is awesome. One of my fellow AP Statistics graders shared this photo from GraphJams with a bunch of us this morning. Now I just need to find someone to make me some of these!

A Quick Advertisement for a Friend

Those who read this blog much are well aware of my love for Dr. John Fea and his blog (The Way of Improvement Leads Home). His most recent post offers a 50% discount for those pre-ordering his book online through this site. (Regular price: $30, so you get it for $15 plus $3.50 shipping) I […]