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Thoughts on Marriage

While flipping through the channels yesterday looking for something to watch while grading J-term finals, I happened across The Princess Bride. The commercials were a little annoying, but the movie is one of our favorites, so I “watched” it. It reminded me that I’ve read three good perspectives on marriage recently that I’ve been meaning […]

More Violence and Strife in Egypt

I’ve been vaguely aware of general discontent in Egypt for a few weeks, and even blogged about the state of nervousness among my brothers and sisters in Christ there. I somehow missed that the general unrest has grown so widespread and violent that there is a very real chance that the government of Hosni Mubarak […]

30,000 Year Old Cave Drawings?

Check out this video (HT: Joy Wilcock). You can read the story of the caves here. ___________

Thoughts on Conflict and the Church

Just finished reading this very thought provoking post by David Fitch (HT: Rob Martin) about conflict and the Church. One of the main thoughts is about how the reconciliation that happens when Christ breaks in and causes conflict (exposing of sin, wrestling with new issues). Christ can really break in and change us more into […]

New Road Runner Cartoons?

This is such a blast from the past! Nothing like the classics, and this certainly looks like it is in the spirit of the original. Enjoy! (For some reason the video won’t embed … check it out here.)

Sanctity of Life Part 2

Part 1 dealt with the issue of abortion. Another common issue discussed is euthanasia. This post is about neither. This is about an issue that is seldom connected with being pro-life, at least in my experience: the death penalty. Certainly, as Christians we read plenty about what is punishable by death in the Old Testament. […]

Sanctity of Life Part 1

This is Part 1 of a two part (see Part 2 here) post tied to the Sanctity of Human Life week. For some, this was marked by the March for Life in Washington, DC yesterday. This post is inspired by this thoughtful story from Michelle Pirraglia, a “survivor” of abortion, on Patheos (HT: Rob Martin). […]

Words Fail Me …

Click the picture for the original post.

Recent Thoughts on the Church and Foster/Adoption

Someone we met last summer through mutual friends shared a link to this article on today (the website affiliated with the Harrisburg Patriot-News). The article features her and her husband as an example of what Bethany Christian Services is looking for in their new “Safe Families” initiative. Essentially, they are looking for families who […]

The Down-side of Air Travel

I’ve been really enjoying Dr. John Fea’s serious posts on his blog lately (can you tell?), but yesterday he shared this humorous (at least in hindsight) post about his travel home from a seminar he helped to lead in Oklahoma City. It reminded me of my trip back from Vancouver last year. Let us just […]