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Perspective on Witnessing

I found this post about a conversation that Perry Noble had with a Muslim to be very interesting and thought provoking. Here’s a taste of his thought process:

I will honestly have to say that my conversation with Abdul was one of the best things about my London trip.  I am convinced now more than ever that all of the religions of the world do NOT basically teach the same thing…and that the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ has GOT to be preached to everyone everywhere…but it has to be done so through people actually loving, caring for and respecting the people that HE has called us to reach…because…

…NO ONE has ever converted to Christianity because of our arrogance…but rather because of what Jesus said for us to be all about in John 13:34-35.

This is so true. Rather than approaching each encounter attempting to convince, maybe we should just try to listen to where people are, and get them to think about the claims of Christ. Christ was attractive to those he encountered, especially those who weren’t the religiously correct folks. An interesting read, to be sure.


(HT: Dave Moran)

One comment on “Perspective on Witnessing

  1. That’s what “missional” Christianity is all about… not trying to bring people into where WE are, but to enter into their world and meet them where THEY are and bring Christ to them through our words and our actions…

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