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Was the Reformation Necessary?

After my post a few weeks ago about my reasoning for not being a Catholic, I found this article interesting. It begins by asking whether the Reformation was necessary, but then move on to asking what we should do with the fact that it happened (for reasons legitimate and not), and how we deal with the lack of unity within the Church. Here’s a brief taste:

In the end, I don’t think we can answer the question of whether or not the Reformation schism was “necessary” or “justified.” In fact, I think these concerns deceive us about the real questions (better: help us maintain our self-deceptions). The Reformation is a done deal. The questions we should be asking are about our Christian vocations in the present. And for those of us who are formed by the Latin tradition that includes the legacy of the Reformation.

They’re not easy questions to answer. But I think we can, at least well enough to see what is necessary for you and me to do about the legacy of the Reformation. Should I remain loyal to the churches and confessions of the Reformation? Should I ignore or denounce that legacy? Should I draw upon it while in communion with the bishop of Rome? And so on in countless permutations.


HT: John Fea

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