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The Role of Scripture

This post is the result of thoughts that have been running around in my mind for a while. Recently I’ve had some interesting give and take with Rob Martin about some of these ideas as well. Last month Rob shared this article with “10 Commandments or Interpreting Scripture”. Here are the 10 points: I. You […]

Is There a Santa Claus?

Over at Patheos, my colleague Dr. Jenell Paris takes on the Santa myth. Jenell is an anthropologist and sociologist, and takes a look at parts of the debate that I haven’t heard before. For background, I grew up in a house that acknowledged that there was a Santa myth, but it was always (from the […]

Was the Reformation Necessary?

After my post a few weeks ago about my reasoning for not being a Catholic, I found this article interesting. It begins by asking whether the Reformation was necessary, but then move on to asking what we should do with the fact that it happened (for reasons legitimate and not), and how we deal with […]

Some Really Cool Statistical Graphics

Visualizing data is really a helpful way of making summary statistics more understandable. While there is certainly much more to statistics than this, this is a pretty cool video demonstrating what technology allows us to do with data visualization!  

Why Harrisburg is Bankrupt

Interesting article in City Journal detailing why the city of Harrisburg is essentially bankrupt, and needed the state to step in to pay some of its debt payments lest it default on some of its bonds. Thanks to credit and dubious spending, the city is in big trouble. How did the mayor keep getting re-elected […]

Spelling Matters!

Have you seen the email/webpost claiming that research at Cambridge University shows that the order of the middle letters in a word don’t matter? If so, you probably were incredulous like I was. How could it be possible that spelling made so little difference in my ability to read? Well, it turns out that there […]