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Time for a Political Fast?

Earlier today I posted about the state of complacency in the American church compared to that of the Church worldwide (specifically India). Catching up on some links that I had yet to read, I found this from the desk of Dr. Dave Dunbar, president of Biblical Seminary. (HT: Rob Martin, surprised?) In this article, he […]

What Not to Say

Greg Stier has an interesting little read (HT: Rob Martin, again) about what not to say when witnessing for Christ. I found his list and his reasoning to be funny, but I have to admit I’ve probably committed all three mistakes, at least in my thought process about my own salvation. (Hopefully not too recently.) […]

Is American Christianity Too Easy?

HT (Hat Tip) to Rob Martin for posting another thought provoking link to facebook. Reading the first part of this blog (called In the Cubicle Next Door) reminded me of how easy I really do have it! The story of one man’s impact on the nation of India. What really got me was where this […]