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So Many Books …

Thanks to Rob Martin again for this link. I might need to start reading Scot McKnight more regularly! Scot weighs in today with his books of the year. He comes out with the list early this year “so folks can use this list for Christmas presents.” I find many of the titles attractive! Too bad I’ve already made my list this year, and my parents (most likely to buy me books) are already done shopping. Also, Joy will likely remind me that I’m already way behind on my reading. Oh well, a guy can dream.

Any of my readers that have read some of these and want to provide further details/context on any of them? I’d love to have help prioritizing!

One comment on “So Many Books …

  1. So glad I can feed your addiction… I’m in the same boat, though… I’m way behind on my reading to begin with, let alone needing to bring in MORE books… (sigh).

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