A Review of “Tangled”

Thanks to Dave Truitt over on facebook for the link to this review of the new movie Tangled. It looks like the movie will be a safe view for the kids, and has a lot of themes that we can use to spark some good conversation around the house! Here’s the trailer from YouTube:

3 comments on “A Review of “Tangled”

  1. I’ve heard good things, too, especially when compared to other themes in similar “kid-friendly” movies. I am, however, always cautious when it comes to movies with violence that is supposed to be funny. Home Alone is a good example of this kind of violence. Yes, it’s good winning over evil and the small guy overcoming the big one. But if my youngest child attacked my oldest child with a hot iron, I wouldn’t be finding it so funny. Seems to be a lot of that kind of humor in this movie. A horse kicks the guy in the gut and laughs. I wouldn’t be laughing if it happened in my house. I know I sound as conservative as I am and I’m definitely more cautious than most, especially with my under-8 crowd. And I’ve alwasy been sensitive to those getting hurt, good or bad. Just another aspect of movie critiquing to think about with young children who learn from watching.

    • Thanks for that perspective. We do think about things like that a lot, and this is a good reminder. That has been our reason for not watching a lot of live action movies, even those aimed at kids. We take seriously our role of parents, and want to raise kids who can deal with seeing violence as someone taking the easy way out, and inconsistent with a follower of Christ. If we decide to watch the movie, we will be aware that this needs to be a part of the conversations we have afterward.

  2. […] what is true and what is not a lot in our house. Spiderman is not real. Rapunzel is not real (see my review of Tangled, Disney’s Rapunzel story). The story of Jesus is real. Pocahontas is based on a real story, […]

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