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Are the (Neo-)Anabaptists Taking Over?

I’ve seen this theme several times recently. Unfortunately, I haven’t saved all of the links, but here is the most recent example that I’ve seen. It makes me uneasy when I read articles like this. They seem to imply that they think the Anabaptists are a rising political power, and may soon “take-over” the government, […]

Does Anyone Fact Check?

After my post a couple of days ago about the blatantly biased nature of the news, there comes this story about the true numbers behind the costs of the President’s state visit to India. Is it really possible that the numbers were so far off and nobody on the right (who had no problem quoting […]

Majoring in the Minors

My friend Josh Wood shared this article on facebook (ironic, I know), and it was just another reminder to me about how tempting it can be for those of us in the Church to be as bad as the Pharisees at setting up rules and hoops to jump through. My wife does not have my […]

Another Good Book

Thanks to the Mennonite Central Committee (East Coast) page on facebook, I was pointed to another book to add to my “wish list”. Joy and I have been trying to find ways to live simpler by not falling victim to the consumer, “must have” mentality of our culture. That seems to get especially harder around […]

Are Full Body Scans Immoral?

Thanks to several friends to the link to this article about the reaction to the full body scanners that are now prevalent in Europe, and are coming to the US as well. The question that is raised is about the morality of the practice. The two women first mentioned are Muslim, and object to the […]