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If You Are What You Eat …

… then many of us might be in trouble. Some of the claims in this article I am aware of, and we’ve adjusted our diet to be a little more careful about what we take in. Still, it is a little sobering to think how little most of us know about where our food comes […]

Do All Roads Lead to the Same Destination?

Read an interesting piece by John Eldredge last week, but since I was out of town, I didn’t get a chance to post it. He shares a personal story from his son of a student at his (unnamed) Christian college flying Buddhist prayer flags in solidarity with human rights in Tibet. While it is certainly […]

What Does an F Mean?

One of my AP Statistics friends posted a link to this article to a group of fellow graders this morning to get some feedback. Here’s a summary of what one school district has done: Don’t give F’s on report cards. Instead give an I (Incomplete), and give students the chance to retake exams and/or turn […]