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Heartbreaking …

Just heard a disappointing, and heartbreaking, update today. The update, which can be found on his Caring Bridge site, is about the five month old nephew of a friend of mine. His sitter found him not breathing when she went to get him up from his nap. She saved his life by performing CPR immediately. Unfortunately, despite his being able to breath and make slight movements on his own, it is just reflexes. There is very little, if any, evidence of actual thinking going on in his brain, and his doctors consider it unlikely that he will improve.

Please be in prayer for his parents, Jon and Dani, and my friend Jeni and all of their family as they walk through this time. Oh, how I long for the day when pain and injury like this will be no more. My heart breaks with theirs, and I recall again the admonition of Christ to “mourn with those who mourn”.

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