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Faithful Politics

While I’m on the topic of politics, and yesterday’s elections, I thought I would share an interesting interview from Patheos. The interview is with Peter Wehner who worked for the administrations of Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush. The interview talks with him about how he sees his political work in light of his faith. He addresses claims that the Religious right is too tightly tied to the Republican party to really be a voice that speaks prophetically. It is an interesting read, whether you agree with all of Mr. Wehner’s views. Given his background, I found his views of the relationship between faith and politics to be very fair. Here is a small taste:

We have no problem at all when individual Christians become active members of a political party. Where we’re much more cautious is when the institutions of Christianity — churches and parachurch organizations as well as organizations that claim the name of Christ — become too closely associated with political parties, when they are seen as a cog in a political machine.


One comment on “Faithful Politics

  1. Thanks for pointing this one out. I REALLY liked what this guy had to say. Whether or not you agree with his policies, his perspective on the role of faith in politics I think is very important.

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