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Why Do We Vote on Tuesday?

If you’ve ever wondered why we vote on a Tuesday, and have to juggle school, work, after school sports and such, this article over at The Christian Science Monitor claims to have the answer. Basically, there was so much elections fraud when states could vote whenever they wanted (“Political parties organized gangs of supporters to […]

Some Interesting Thoughts on Campaigning

This comes from’s “Tuesday Morning Quarterback” column (aka: Gregg Easterbrook). Mr. Easterbrook is not your typical sports writer. He is actually a fellow of the Brookings Institute, and his weekly football column is full of little tidbits from a wide breadth of topics, and tons of football. To spare those not interested in football, […]

Statistics and Counting the Votes

Over at there is an interesting little post about how statistics are being used to calculate the likelihood that mistakes in counting at some localities are evidence that the overall election result should be invalidated. I’ve long thought that there must be a way of insuring the count is correct. Anyone who has tried […]

Perspective for Election Day

Scot McKnight has a refreshing reminder of the proper perspective on this latest election day. I’ll share a few snippets here, and leave the rest for you to read there if you are interested. The opening: Somewhere between 6pm and 8pm, Central Time, on November 2d, 2010, the eschatology of American evangelicals will become clear. […]