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Unintended Consequences?

Today brought news that reminded me of one of the reasons I have problems with the position of just war. I heard many Christians support the war in Iraq as a just war. I never quite understood the logic, and found the war troubling on several levels. Messiah alum Eric Gephart even wrote a college […]

A Pastor Who Doesn’t Read?

Thanks again to John Fea for pointing me to an interesting article. In this article Karen Spears Zacharias discusses a run-in with a book store manager who doesn’t read. As odd as that sounds, his explanation is that he’s also a pastor. What?! Karen talks about how odd she finds this, and offers this perspective: […]

All Saints Day?

One of my colleagues, and facebook friend, John Reid Perkins-Buzo posted this article as a link on his facebook page. I found this article to be quite interesting for a couple of reasons. First, despite the fact that I have grown up my whole life in protestant churches, and have intentionally maintained this in my […]

A Sobering Thought

Came across an article that made me do a lot of thinking about personal responsibility, and what we say when we shop. (Thanks to John Fea again for sharing the article sent to him by one of his readers.) This article claims that many of the primary chocolate supply chains are tainted by slave labor. […]