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So Many Books …

Thanks to Rob Martin again for this link. I might need to start reading Scot McKnight more regularly! Scot weighs in today with his books of the year. He comes out with the list early this year “so folks can use this list for Christmas presents.” I find many of the titles attractive! Too bad […]

John Fea on American Exceptionalism

Over at his blog, Dr. John Fea writes about American Exceptionalism. The post is sparked by an article in the Washington Post on the idea, but I appreciated John’s perspective as an expert on early American history. Check it out!

Peter Enns on Doubt

Thought I would share pieces of a long (~5,000 words) post from Peter Enns. This is from the text version of a talk he recently gave about doubt. It was titled “The Benefit of Doubt: Coming to Terms with Faith in a Postmodern Era“. Here are a few paragraphs from the article, though I really […]

I Knew Him When

Thanks to my college friend (and fellow Spirit Force member while at Messiah) Peter Greer for sharing this article about a recent discussion that Peter and Shane Claiborne had at the American Enterprise Institute. Peter is the founder and president of Hope International, a micro-finance non-profit that works directly with the poor in a number […]

When Statistics Are Misleading

Did you know that Kabul, Afghanistan is safer than New York City for kids? Well, it depends on how you measure “safer”, just like a lot of things. This report from shows how you could arrive at that conclusion. Here’s the basics: look at child homicide. The rate of child homicide in Kabul is […]

Thanksgiving Facts

To help get everyone geared up for Thanksgiving, here is a little fact sheet from the Census Bureau about Thanksgiving related topics. Wouldn’t want everyone heading to their Thanksgiving festivities (hopefully including some time for actually being thankful) under-informed! I particularly like the “Editor’s Note” at the bottom: Editor’s note: The preceding data were collected […]

On the Nature of Youth Groups

A tip of the hat to Rob Martin for posting the link to this article by David Fitch. Fitch is critical of what he considers the typical youth group. He has three main points, which I will summarize here. I’ll also comment on how I feel our youth group at McBIC addresses his concerns. 1.) […]

A Review of “Tangled”

Thanks to Dave Truitt over on facebook for the link to this review of the new movie Tangled. It looks like the movie will be a safe view for the kids, and has a lot of themes that we can use to spark some good conversation around the house! Here’s the trailer from YouTube:

Rushing Christmas?

Thanks to John Fea’s “Sunday Night Odds and Ends” this week for the link to this article on the rush to celebrate Christmas earlier and earlier. Of course, the author doesn’t really seem to make any arguments other than how much it annoys him to hear Christmas songs on the radio, and the assumed blame […]

An Alternative Security Approach?

Following my post a few days ago about the morality of the new full body scanners the TSA will be using in many US airports, comes this article which compares our approach to that taken by the Israeli government. It would be hard to argue that Israel has less to fear about terrorists than we […]