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World Statistics Day!

The UN has declared today, 20 Oct. 2010, to be World Statistics Day. In light of this momentous occasion I thought I would share two videos from the Census Bureau about statistics. Unfortunately, they can’t be embedded here. Instead I’ll give you a brief description of the two videos which can be found at the link above. […]

Interesting News from the Middle East

Thanks to my colleague Reid Perkins-Buzo for the link to this article about two Muslim clerics (one Sunni and one Shiite) spoke to a collection of Catholic Bishops about Muslim-Christian relations in the Middle East, especially in Muslim countries. I was impressed that the clerics seemed to be well-connected, rather than from minority or fringe groups […]

An Interesting Take on Idolatry of Country

Thanks to my friend Rob Martin for directing me to this interesting link about the relationship between Christians and the state. I liked that it was general (i.e., the definition could be applied to any Christian, in any country). I have not read the initial post that the author references, but I found the topic of […]

Useless Facts: A Special Post for Heather Martin

I came across this website today in catching up on facebook from this weekend, and thought I would share. The site features 50 “useless facts”, along with photos that are in some way related to the facts. My facebook (and real-world) friend Heather Martin likes to post a random useless fact of the day, so […]

A Dose of Proper Perspective …

I’ve been watching the Chilean mine rescue off and on all day (and watched the first two miners brought up last night). It occurred to me today that what I am watching is a (welcome) reminder of our common humanity. As I, and many others (if my facebook feed is any indication), have watched the […]

Contemplating Sabbath … Part 7

This is part seven in a series discussing Mark Buchanan’s book The Rest of God: Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath. If you missed the previous parts, here is a link to Part 6, or you can start at the beginning with Part 1. The title of the fourth chapter is In God’s Time: Stopping to See God’s Bigness. Buchanan […]

A Colleague’s Op-Ed Piece

My Messiah colleague Dr. John Fea (associate professor of American History) had an interesting Op-Ed piece on AOL today. It was entitled Memo to Tea Partiers — The Founders Were Elitists. Here is a little snippet to give you a flavor: In our current political climate, which is dominated by the loud voice of the […]