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Be Careful What You Like

Just looked over this article from the Southern Poverty Law Center (thanks again to John Fea for the blog post that alerted me to this). Apparently a white-supremacy type group is trying to garner mainstream “support” by creating pages on facebook which users can like, without realizing who created the page or what they stand for. The group in question has the innocent sounding name National Policy Institute. Lest there be some doubt or thought that this is just liberals being overly sensitive, the group’s website clearly states among its “Statement of Principals” that “The European identity of the United States and its people should be maintained.” Now, if you read the whole thing (which may cause nausea), European clearly mean white. They also make the statement that, among other options, “territorial separation should be recognized as legitimate and humane means of preventing and resolving divisive social, ethnic, and racial conflicts.” Essentially, if minorities can’t get along with us, or even if we think they might not (“preventing conflict”), send them somewhere else.

This is disgusting to me, and I’m ashamed that they are referred to as far-right in this country. I tend to be somewhat conservative, politically, but want nothing to do with racist groups like this. I hope that those who have “liked” the pages affiliated with this group will catch wind of this and leave their pages in droves. Perhaps finding a group that is really concerned with history and the true diversity that the founders built into the constitution. No, the founders were not perfect, but they deserve better than this.

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