A Quick Commercial …

Found out yesterday that it is possible to get a free copy of the CD by my former statistics student, and amazing musician, Dave Moran. Here’s my suggestion for you:

  • Check out his music at davemoran.net
  • Go to Noise Trade and download his album in MP3 form, for free! You will be asked for your email and zip code. This will help Dave know where his fans are!
  • If you don’t feel comfortable giving out that information, you can also download the album for $8.99 on Amazon. I paid $10 for my copy, but I actually got it on CD. I guess I paid extra to have to put it on my computer myself and keep track of the CD. It is nice to just stick it in the van on repeat.
  • If you would rather have the CD in your hand, you can buy it from cdbaby for $10, or you can email Dave via his website.

Dave writes great lyrics, and the music never gets in the way, but instead really brings out the beauty and poetry of his message. On the side (i.e., for his full-time job), he’s also a pretty good actuary. Check him out!

2 comments on “A Quick Commercial …

  1. Wow Sam! Thanks for the kind words…

    • Haha! Sure thing. Really am proud of the growth I’ve seen in you since those McBIC youth worship days and developing into a pretty amazing musician. Also proud of how hard you’ve worked to get started in the actuarial field. Keep up the good work! 🙂

      P.S. When is the next album due? 😉

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