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Chilean Miner Follow-up

Thought I would provide a link to a CNN Religion blog story about the T-shirts that the Chilean miners were wearing when they came out of the mine. Quite an interesting story, just wonder why none of the coverage I watched (and I watched a decent amount) mentioned this. I watched several hours of CNN, […]

“Firing” Myself

A couple of weeks back I put a post about my consulting work with a lawyer in the area. Consider this a follow-up to that post, as well as an explanation of my relative quiet for a while (except for my post about the Chilean miners, I was gone for almost two weeks between my post on […]

World Statistics Day!

The UN has declared today, 20 Oct. 2010, to be World Statistics Day. In light of this momentous occasion I thought I would share two videos from the Census Bureau about statistics. Unfortunately, they can’t be embedded here. Instead I’ll give you a brief description of the two videos which can be found at the link above. […]

Interesting News from the Middle East

Thanks to my colleague Reid Perkins-Buzo for the link to this article about two Muslim clerics (one Sunni and one Shiite) spoke to a collection of Catholic Bishops about Muslim-Christian relations in the Middle East, especially in Muslim countries. I was impressed that the clerics seemed to be well-connected, rather than from minority or fringe groups […]