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What Is Wrong With This Video?

Thanks again to John Fea for pointing me to this link (which he got from someone else, I believe). This is just too good not to share!!

Why America Is So Prone to War

Once again, John Fea comes through with a thought provoking blog post. He is discussing a review of some recent books that consider America’s proclivity to be involved in one war after another over the years of its history. (Dr. Fea links to all of the pertinent articles and books, so I’ll avoid that here.) […]

Be Careful What You Like

Just looked over this article from the Southern Poverty Law Center (thanks again to John Fea for the blog post that alerted me to this). Apparently a white-supremacy type group is trying to garner mainstream “support” by creating pages on facebook which users can like, without realizing who created the page or what they stand […]

Interview with David Weaver-Zercher

Thanks again to my friend and colleague John Fea over at The Way of Improvement Leads Home for the link to this video. The video features David Weaver-Zercher, another fellow professor at Messiah, talking about his newest book The Amish Way: Patient Faith in a Perilous World (he is one of three authors of this […]

Missing the Point …

A recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education discussed some hot water a Christian professor has gotten into. He wrote a book about Christianity, in which one small part entertains the notion that Noah’s flood may not have been world wide. I’m not an expert in this, but I have heard before that scientists […]

A Quick Commercial …

Found out yesterday that it is possible to get a free copy of the CD by my former statistics student, and amazing musician, Dave Moran. Here’s my suggestion for you: Check out his music at Go to Noise Trade and download his album in MP3 form, for free! You will be asked for your […]

Haiti Earthquake Was Not a Natural Disaster

That provocative headline is the claim of Peter Haas in a TED talk in July 2010. He claims that it was an engineering disaster. Shoddy construction was the reason the earthquake claimed so many lives. He compares the death toll from Haiti’s 7.0 magnitude quake to that of Chile’s 8.8 magnitude quake (not long after) […]

Another Reason It Is Nice to Work Here…

Several friends of mine posted a link to this video. Really enjoyed the balance of concentrating on Messiah’s considerable athletic successes and the real focus of the College: creating men and women who are serious about their faith, and living it consistently in all areas of life. Pretty sure that is the wonderful Eldon Frey […]

Chilean Miner Follow-up

Thought I would provide a link to a CNN Religion blog story about the T-shirts that the Chilean miners were wearing when they came out of the mine. Quite an interesting story, just wonder why none of the coverage I watched (and I watched a decent amount) mentioned this. I watched several hours of CNN, […]

“Firing” Myself

A couple of weeks back I put a post about my consulting work with a lawyer in the area. Consider this a follow-up to that post, as well as an explanation of my relative quiet for a while (except for my post about the Chilean miners, I was gone for almost two weeks between my post on […]