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Unlikely Connections

This evening we spent time with the biological family of our two adopted kids. It is so incredible to have a relationship with this family. When we contemplated how the foster/adoption process might go, we never envisioned that we would have the wonderful relationship with the kids’ extended family without their bio-mom ever getting her act together. The history of this has been mentioned in this blog before, but I can’t help but revisit it here briefly. Especially after a day like today.

Once again, we are invited to their family picnic. We are not asked to bring anything, but simply invited to come and be welcome among this family that just over two years ago we had never met. (We brought a drink and cake anyway.) They treat us with great hospitality, and love us and all three of our kids. Yep, Abby is just as loved as Naomi and Jaden. Jaden and Naomi are blood to them, but they have accepted Abby as just as much a part of the family. It warms our heart to be around a large family who just wants us there so that they can stay connected to us and our kids. We sense real love.

I am so thankful for them, and praise God for yet one more undeserved blessing in our lives. God works in the most mysterious ways. This is not how we planned anything, but God took our plans away and replaced them with His perfect will. That’s just like Him.

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