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Thanksgiving 2009 – Part 1

In the spirit of cultivating an attitude of thanksgiving, I will be posting various things that I am thankful for over the next few days. I expect this to take a some time for me to think through, and realize that I will likely forget many things on this list that are very important to me, and I am deeply grateful for. I don’t believe this inevitable shortcoming should preclude the exercise, so here goes!


Life God’s Love
My Messiah, Jesus The Gift of the Spirit
My wonderful wife Three beautiful kids
A house to live in Financial peace
Plenty of food More clothes than I need
A job that I love Awesome colleagues
The ability to read The freedom to worship
The body of believers at McBiC The Church
My 4Runner Our van with space for all of us
Contentment Discontentment
God’s grace for me God using me to offer grace to others


More to come …

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