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Thanksgiving 2009 – Part 1

In the spirit of cultivating an attitude of thanksgiving, I will be posting various things that I am thankful for over the next few days. I expect this to take a some time for me to think through, and realize that I will likely forget many things on this list that are very important to […]

A Funny Site

As a brief aside, I found a funny site through the blog of a colleague here at Messiah, Steve Bloom. A quick sample might help to illustrate. Should this form spark a desire for more “useful” forms, see the main site which has lots of other helpful forms! Enjoy. – Sam

Cultivating Thankfulness

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. I have so many things to be thankful for, but that is a matter for another post, which I hope will come soon. Today, I want to think about how I can cultivate an attitude of thankfulness, and thanksgiving, in my kids. How can Joy and I help them to […]

The Devaluation of Second

Yep, it has been too long again. Sorry about that for all those who were eagerly waiting to hear from me again. To get back into things, I have a reflection based on the recent (relatively) Phillies loss in the World Series. I’ve already discussed the odd phenomenon that we care so much about something […]